Cast Iron Radiator w/Grill, 4 Sections, 20"H


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Cast Iron Radiator w/Grill, 20"H x 9"L x 5"W, 4 Sections

Top Opening = 1"
Bottom Opening = 1 1/4"

Cast Ray Radiators combine convection with radiant heat. Our Cast Ray Radiators offer custom features including evenly circulated heat plus consistent heat retention, and the durability of Cast Iron. They are available in sizes ranging from 4 to 44 sections.

The Cast Ray model is perfect for remodeling jobs and it can be fully recessed into the wall, just add 20% to the required heating capacity if you plan to recess the unit.

Burnham (U.S. Boiler) radiator of same size
Governale (Gov-Ray series) radiator of same size

Technical Specifications:
Steam BTU: 2,160
BTU @ 220°F: 2,248
BTU @ 215°F: 2,160
BTU @ 210°F: 2,068
BTU @ 200°F: 1,888
BTU @ 190°F: 1,708
BTU @ 180°F: 1,528
BTU @ 170°F: 1,348
BTU @ 160°F: 1,168
BTU @ 150°F: 988
Water Content (Gal): 0.6
Connections: Supply/Return: 1-1/4" FNPT; Air Vent: 1/8" FNPT
Max Working Pressure: 15 psi (Steam), 30 psi (Water)
Max Working Temperature: 220°F
Dimensions (D x H x W): 5" x 20" x 9"
Weight: 56 lbs

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