Replacing an old cast iron radiator?


Got an old one lying around? Today's Cast Iron Radiators come in standard sizes 19" High or 25" High, 4 tube or
6 tube widths. But back in the day it wasn't so simple.

Lucky for you we've created this quick and easy tool to help you find what you need :)


Step 1 How many Tubes (Columns) was your old unit?

Remember, Here's the difference between COLUMNS and SECTIONS:

Ready? Great. Select Your # of Columns Below.

Step 2 What Is The Approximate Height Of Your Old Unit?

Step 3 How Many Sections Was Your Old Unit?

(refer to that first picture again for a columns vs. sections refresher)

Step 4 What New Model Would You Like?

Cast Iron are either 19 Inches High or 25 Inches High. The difference is merely personal preference.
You probably don't want this radiator to be higher than the bottom of your window, so you might want to plan around that.

Width is determined by number of tubes. (See below) They're available in either 4 tube or 6 tube models .

Note: 19 Inch High Units are only available in 4 Tube Width.
Choose Yours:

Suitable Models For You

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